Before and After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys – see some of our patients' before and after photos next time you visit our practice.

This patient was 13 years old with a severe deep bite, mild crowding, and a small lower jaw. His treatment began with a growth appliance (MARA) followed by braces. Treatment time was 26 months.

This patient didn't like her underbite. Braces were used to correct her underbite in 12 months.

This patient wished to close the spaces between his teeth. Treatment with braces was complete after 18 months.

Severe crowding with blocked out canines was a problem for this patient. Treatment required removal of upper and lower 1st premolars and braces for 27 months.

This patient had a severe overbite requiring 2 phases of treatment. Phase I was a growth appliance (Herbst) to correct the protrusion. Phase II was completed during adolescence with braces correcting the facial profile significantly.

This patient had a deep bite with a deficient lower jaw. In 23 months, braces corrected the overbite and deficient jaw.

This patient was concerned that she had a few issues, including a gummy smile. Treatment consisted of removing her lower 1st premolars and corrective jaw surgery. Treatment lasted 26 months, and improved her facial profile and bite.